CRISTALLBOX®  for all the things you care

CRISTALLBOX®  is a state of the art display and storage system

.Easy to set up: thanks to the exclusive stacking and total opening system.

.Sustainable and built to last: CRISTALLBOX® modules are made of 100% recycle materials with no glue or screws. 

.Cutting-edge design, 4mm premium Plexiglass.

.Made in Italy & hand finished

Spark your imagination with CRISTALLBOX®

CRISTALLBOX® was originally designed as the ultimate display and storage of collectable sneakers  but due to the endless applications, the only limit is your imagination.


Imagine a space without barriers with CRISTALLBOX®

Transform any space into an engaging and entertaining experience with CRISTALLBOX® modular display system

Modules are quickly and easily assembled into multiple configurations to fit any space.

CRISTALLBOX® offers multiple finish options and sizes to help you to customize your display, feature wall or ultimate storage space.

To find out more about configurations and features of CRISTALLBOX®, download the full catalogue



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